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Cataract surgery



This condition occurs in the crystalline lens, which is the eye's natural lens that allows us to focus on objects near and far. When the lens loses its transparencythe image you see will be blurred and with increasing opacity you will lose visual acuity.
Eye Cataract


In incipient cataracts we can use sunglasses to avoid glare or graded glasses if there has been a change in refraction.But the definitive cataract treatment is to undergo surgery. Despite considerable research effort in this field there is no drug therapy to prevent or effectively cure age-related cataracts.Cataract surgery is now a quick and painless process, highly effective and low-risk. The operation involves removing the cloudy lens contents and replacing it with an intraocular lens.Current cataract surgery can restore normal vision and better than the one you had for a long time.


Intraocular lenses are in constant technological evolution, both design and materials. Currently there are different types of intraocular lenses: monofocal intraocular lenses that correct distance vision but the patient still needs glasses to see up close after the intervention, and multifocal intraocular lenses that can remove the dependence on glasses for distance and near vision. More recently have appeared the trifocal intraocular lenses that allow vision at various distances: near, middle and far. The indication of one kind or another of intraocular lenses should be discussed with the ophthalmologist depending on the expectations of each patient and his/her anatomical-functional condition.
Evolución de la catarata


Laser assisted cataract surgery is nowadays a reality that is applied to three phases of the surgery: the creation of incisions in the cornea to introduceinstrumental, the circular opening of the lens capsule or capsulorhexis, and the division of contents of the lens in small fragments that facilitates subsequent work of ultrasound. Although the use of ultrasound to fragment the lens is not completely eliminated, there is less amount of energy required and thereby less surgical trauma. The accuracy and safety of these laser assisted maneuvers is greater than that achievable with the hands of the best surgeons. All the procedure is painless and laser treatment lasts less than one minute.Advances in cataract surgery have made it one of the most successful surgeries.
Intervención catarata


I am 60 years old and I only use glasses for reading or close watching. A few months ago I noticed not quite clear far vision, especially with the right eye. Could this be due to cataracts beginning to form?

One of the symptoms for cataracts is the loss of visual acuity, either quantitative or qualitative, both in near and far vision, depending on the type of cataract. The loss of vision you refer may also be due to a change in your optic graduation, the emergence of a latent hyperopia, or other conditions, so it should be advisable to consult an ophthalmologist.

I have 41 years and have always had trouble seeing because I am highly near-sighted. Now I've started to look worse and I was told I can have cataracts. If so, could I operate on cataracts and myopia at the same time?

At present, given the small size of the incision to remove the cataract (2 mm), the risks associated with this operation in patients with high myopia has been drastically reduced. These risks increase as the cataract gets tougher. As long as there are no other contraindications, it is advisable to operate as soon as you notice vision loss for this reason. When removing the cataract, an intraocular lens is placed instead that, after proper calculation, can correct near-sightedness and in most cases, presbyopia or eyestrain, avoiding patient's dependence on glasses.

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