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For the third consecutive year Dr. Elena Barraquer is a candidate for the Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain in the category of "Third Sector".

The Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain was founded in 2011 with the aim of making visible female talent in society. Since then, there have been four editions in which the participation has been increasing as well as its impact on media, and it has succeeded in getting skilled and talented women professionals in the spotlight.

Dra. Elena Barraquer nominada a las Top 100 mujeres

There are 10 categories: Academic & Researchers; Top Executives; Culture, Leisure & Sports; Management; Entrepreneurs; Civil Service, Political & Institutional Functions; Media; Thinkers & Experts; Revelation & Entrepreneurs; and Third Sector.

Some of the multiple criteria to consider are career, accomplishments, personal values, professional values and contributions to society.

If for the third consecutive year Dr. Elena Barraquer was chosen she would enter into the category of "honorary". We encourage every one of you to vote for her candidacy.