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My daughter is 4 and she wears glasses to correct her strabismus. Is it normal for one eye to turn inward?

There are different treatment options for strabismus. The first step is to correct the refractive error—if there is one—using glasses or contact lenses. In some cases, optical correction alone may cancel out the deviation, as is the case with accommodative strabismus, a type of convergent strabismus (where one eye turns inward) that is associated with one of the eye problems most frequently encountered during childhood: hypermetropia. In the pure or full accommodative type, the strabismus disappears when the child is wearing suitable glasses; while in the partial type, a residual deviation remains. If amblyopia (lazy eye) develops in the deviating eye, the second step in the treatment is to restore vision to that eye. To do so, the most effective method is occlusion of the healthy eye using a patch. If deviation persists after the refractive error and amblyopia have been corrected, then surgery will be required.

Dr. Juan J. Rodríguez Ezcurra