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    Date 5th November 2021
    Modality Online


The ocular surface is a complex multi-structural unit that is involved in numerous ocular diseases and on which multiple surgical procedures affect both the anterior segment and the posterior segment and the ocular annexes. In recent years, technological advances have allowed the development of specific diagnostic exploration tests with objective and comparable results, providing the ophthalmologist with a deeper understanding of the anatomical and functional state of this complex structure. Likewise, new pharmacological, physical therapies, such as intense pulsed light, or surgical, have improved the treatment and prognosis of numerous ocular surface pathologies.

In tumour pathology of the ocular surface, a correct diagnosis is the main key to make a correct therapeutic indication. Current advances in corneal transplantation or replacement surgery with prostheses make it possible to successfully treat complex cases in which, in the very near future, the advances that have been developed in the field of Regenerative Ocular Medicine can be systematically applied.

Due to current circumstances, this congress will be held 100% online and will be broadcast via streaming through a personalized platform.



Session 1 — Dry eye

Session Conference Speaker
1.1 Preoperative evaluation of the ocular surface in patients with cataract or refractive surgery: update and prevention of postoperative complications Dr. Elizabeth Messmer
1.2 How to treat dry eye after refractive and cataract surgery Dr. Víctor Charoenrook
1.3 New therapeutic molecules on the ocular surface Dr. JM Benítez del Castillo
1.4 Dry eye and glaucoma: implications in medical and surgical treatment Dr. Cristophe Baodouin
1.5 Dry eye and gut microbiome Dr. Marc Labetouille
1.6 Discussion of clinical cases  


Session 2 — Tumors and other eye surface injuries

Session Conference Speaker
2.1 Pre-malignant and malignant melanotic lesions of the ocular surface Prof. Rafael I. Barraquer
2.2 Inflammatory and non-inflammatory corneal peripheral ectasias: medical and surgical treatments Dra. Paola Sauvageot
2.3 Pterygium, pinguecula, conjunctivachalasis: How and when to operate them? Dr. Oscar Gris
2.4 The pathological diagnosis of tumors of the ocular surface Dr. Francesc Treserra
2.5 Clinical cases  


Special conference “Joaquín Barraquer”

Session Conference Speaker
  Update in diagnosis and treatment of the epithelial tumours of the ocular surface.  


Session 3 — Reconstructive surface and cornea surface surgery

Session Conference Speaker
3.1 Current surgery for limbar insufficiency Dr. Paolo Rama
3.2 Ultrastructural changes induced by endothelial keratoplasty (DMEK) on the cornea and ocular surface Dr. Francisco Arnalich
3.3 Tectonic keratoplasties in complex cases Dr. Juan Álvarez de Toledo
3.4 Boston keratoprosthesis, where are we in 2021? Dr. José de la Cruz
3.5 Biological keratoprosthesis and mixed techniques Dra. Clara Álvarez de Toledo
3.6 Clinical applications of the amniotic membrane Dra. María de la Paz
3.7 The laboratory and regenerative medicine of the ocular surface Dr. Ricardo Casaroli


Session 4 — Intense pulsed light (IPL) in ophthalmology

Session Conference Speaker
4.1 Intense pulsed light application platforms. How do they work? Dr. Rolando Toyos
4.2 Current indications for pulsed light treatments Dra. Mayte Ariño
4.3 IPL in reconstructive surgery of the ocular surface Dra. María Gessa
4.4 IPL in eyelid aesthetic treatments Dra. Sandra Planella
4.5 IPL in glaucoma Dr. Martínez de la Casa