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Organizational structure

Care, excellence, training and research: these are the four pillars that structure Barraquer Eye Hospital’s activities.


Barraquer has strengthened its trajectory as an international benchmark institution for providing revolutionary techniques and excellent quality eyecare.

Ophthalmic specialisms

The Hospital provides comprehensive eyecare, covering the treatment of all eye conditions. Our areas of specialisation are:

Medical services

Our team of ophthalmologists is complemented by professionals specialised in other areas, so we can offer you completely personalised treatment.

Diagnostic services

Diagnosis is a key step in medical practice and means we can offer each patient the most suitable treatment. The Hospital has the most cutting-edge technology, it is constantly updating its equipment and works in a coordinated manner, covering the widest range of specific tests for the detection of any eye condition. See all the diagnostic examinations we perform.

Eye emergencies

The Centre has an eye Emergency Service for attending to emergency and unscheduled consultations. The department is available during working hours. Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.