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Barraquer Eye Hospital UAE is the first flagship hospital of Barraquer Ophthalmology centre in Barcelona. Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre, Barcelona has been one of the world’s leading centres in providing quality eye care for the past 80 years.

Barraquer Eye Hospital is the first comprehensive eye care hospital in Dubai. It is situated in Dubai Healthcare City II, which is the latest health hub in the U.A.E. Barraquer Eye Hospital, UAE is spread over 13000 m2 and can cater to over 90+ conditions related to eye health. We have a 30 bedded hospital which has both outpatient and in-patient facility, making sure that our patients are comfortable during their healing journey. At Barraquer we strongly believe in delivering the expertise of our world class doctors who join hands with modern day state-of-the-art technology to bring the best care to our patients. All our Ophthalmologists are originally from Barraquer to make sure the Barraquer quality of care is not compromised and only the best is served to our patients. In addition to providing prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, Barraquer will also be known for providing trainings, research, and social work.

Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre has a strong foot and carries 8 decades of legacy in Ophthalmology care, Barraquer easily synonyms with excellent and compassionate where patient care is always our top priority. We strongly believe and abide by our motto - “We treat our patients how we'd like to be treated.


Enthusiasm, Excellence, Humanity, Innovation, Professionalism, Research, Respect, Safety, Service.

Our mission

We treat our patients how we'd like to be treated.

This is the motto that Dr. Ignacio Barraquer introduced in 1941 when he formally opened the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre, and it continues to be the basic principal underpinning our professional conduct. We improve quality of life through outstanding medical work and personal treatment.

Medical care

Our medical team includes pretigious ophtalmologists and visiting specilists covering  all areas of ophthalmology and cosmetic eye surgery. The team is complemented by internal medicine doctors and professionals in other specialisms, meaning that we offer comprehensive, personalised and maximum quality care.

80+ Eye Diseases and Treatments

70+ staff

Excellence care more than 80 years experience

Cutting edge technology

Ranked #1 Eye Hospital in Spain


We are located over 13000 m2 area that is spread in 5 floors, which are dedicated solely to Ophthalmology care. Barraquer Eye Hospital UAE is the first ophthalmology hospital in Dubai with inpatient facility. Our medical team consists of expertise from Spain to provide exceptional and expert care to our patients. Our history holds hands with modern day technology to make sure that there is no dearth in the quality of care that we promise to bring into this region. Our passion to serve the society drives us to make sure we provide all the comfort to our patients. We have an inhouse pharmacy and an optical store to provide convenience and support to our patients. We are a world class 360 ophthalmology care providers with patient care being our top priority.

13,000m2 area dedicated to ophthalmology

1 in house pharmacy

1 optical shop

3 laser rooms

4 operating theaters

8 inpatient rooms

16 day surgery beds

30 beds