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What are they?

The appearance of bags under the eyes is a common reason for patients to worry and consult a doctor. They appear gradually over time, although when there is a certain amount, they become noticeably visible They are no more than an accumulation of fat in the lower eyelids.

Despite the fact that fat in this area is absolutely normal, even necessary, when there is an excess of fat, the eyesight loses its vitality and it is normal to look tired. Without being strictly classified as a pathology, surgical treatment to improve the periocular aesthetic appearance can be beneficial. 


The symptoms are merely aesthetic. Patients notice that they look tired and sad rather suddenly and that it can become an obsession. Fortunately, it does not pose any real health problem, but they create a cosmetic concern that can be easily corrected by an oculoplastic surgeon. 


There causes of bags under the eyes are many and combined. There clearly exists a genetic predisposition. It is common that patients who see a doctor for this problem say that their parents or siblings also suffer from it. It is an age-associated pathology that develops over the years, and in which lifestyle, stress and smoking also play a huge part.


Bags under the eyes usually correspond to an excess of fat in one of the three fat compartments in the lower eyelid. Depending on the fat bag most affected, the bags will look one way or another. Determining this point before surgery is fundamental in getting the best aesthetic results possible. 


Although their real effect is contested, using cosmeceutical treatments on the skin around the eyes could be helpful, along with a healthy diet and as little stress as possible.


Blepharoplasty is the treatment of choice for bags under the eyes. It is an outpatients surgery with excellent results and minimum inconvenience for the patient. After a short post-operative period—just a few weeks—the effect of the surgery is very apparent and appearance improves visibly and, in many cases, quite spectacularly.

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