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What is it?

Entropion is one of the eyelid malpositions. In this case, the lower eyelid turns inward, meaning that the eyelid skin and eyelashes make contact with the eye's cornea. This is very irritating for patients and, in the worst of cases, may have serious side effects for the cornea.


The symptoms of entropion are evident and clear from the start. The changed position of the eyelashes rubbing against the surface of the eye and the cornea affect patients early on, causing irritation, red eye and very bothersome and constant secretion.


Fundamentally, there are three types of entropion. 

The most common, just like ectropion, is the involutional entropion. Basically, it responds to ageing. In this process, the tissues relax due to an increase in their laxity, and this leads to the lower eyelid "turning inward", the consequence of which is the patient suffering constant irritation.

Entropion, however, can also be due to a paralytic dysfunction of the orbicularis oculi, which causes suddent eyelid laxity or a scar in the internal area of the lower eyelid, as can be seen in sclerosant pathologies of the conjunctiva. 


It is impossible to prevent eyelid malpositions, since the majority are due to ageing processings. However, it is possible to treat it early and, therefore, prevent side effects on the cornea. 


Treatment for entropion is eminently a surgical procedure. And, unlike ectropion, it needs to be undertaken quickly to to prevent eye problems that will arise if the contact between the eyelashes and the eyeball is not prevented.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Although we cannot provide absolute certainty, it is true that when we undo the mechanisms that turn the eyelid inward, eyelid stability becomes normal again, and this practically assures that the problem does not happen again. However, logically this fact depends on the cause of the problem, as some processes are general pathologies whereby the eyelid issue is just one manifestation, and control of the general factors will be essential to avoid recurrence. 

  • Not at all. Surgery is not based on removing eyelashes so that they don't rub against the eye, but rather putting them back in their correct position without having to remove them.