MIR (House Officers)

Training itinerary

Find out our training Itinerary through this link. The file, which you can download at the bottom of this page, indicates:

  • Organisational structure: facilitites, services, subspecialisation departments, structure in our area of teaching and certifications.
  • Training guide: programme, training objectives, levels of responsibility to be acquired and teaching methodology.

Plazas MIR

Según la legislación y normativa vigente, se mantiene la eliminación de las plazas que exigen conformidad previa del centro sanitario. Los candidatos no tienen que superar un proceso paralelo que les permita contar con el visto bueno del centro.

Por este motivo, si estás interesado en cursar la residencia en nuestro centro, deberás cumplir con lo establecido en la normativa actual del Ministerio de Sanidad. Si tienes cualquier duda, puedes contactar con nosotros mediante el correo

'Entre residentes' briefing

Why Barraquer?

A medical residency at Barraquer allows students to see pathologies that are difficult to find in other centres. It offers a unique combination of a solid trajectory and innovation. In addition, it provides training in other fundamental skills of the profession: excellent patient treatment, team work, public speaking ability and research skills. 

  • Internationally renowned Centre.

  • Training in all subspecialisms of ophthalmology.

  • Wide range of pathologies and complicated cases, with patients from all over the world.

  • Constantly updating our equiment and facilities for teaching.

  • Preparation for the European Board of Ophthalmology (EBO) exam and thus earning the official qualification as a specialist recognised in Europe. 

In figures

5 Positions every year

+130 Trained MIR

39 Years

100% Passed the EBO exam

0% Dropout rate