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Descansa la vista (Rest Your Eyes) is the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre's eye health podcast. This space addresses the main doubts in this area to strengthen the dissemination of visual health to Barraquer patients and the rest of the public with greater accessibility. 

Do you have questions about eye care? Write to us on social media with the hashtag #DescansaLaVista and we will solve them throughout the episodes. 

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Cómo prescindir de las gafas #4


Casi todos los usuarios de gafas y lentillas se plantean alguna vez reducir su graduación con las técnicas refractivas. En este capítulo les explicamos todas las opciones y les ayudamos a saber cuándo vale la pena operarse, quién es un buen candidato y por qué es tan importante elegir dónde hacerlo.

Podcasts List

    Pregnancy and childbirth: how they affect vision #3


    Myopia is not a contraindication for vaginal delivery, nor does the eye prescription increase due to pregnancy. The gynecologist Sofía Fournier helps us debunk some of the urban legends about pregnancy, childbirth and eye health to reassure all mothers-to-be.