Descansa la vista (Rest Your Eyes) is the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre's eye health podcast. This space addresses the main doubts in this area to strengthen the dissemination of visual health to Barraquer patients and the rest of the public with greater accessibility. 

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Lentillas: claves para hacer un buen uso y evitar complicaciones #8


El uso de lentes de contacto está más que extendido, pero muy pocos lo hacen correctamente. La clave está en la supervisión por parte de un oftalmólogo y un contactólogo. Nos explican todas las recomendaciones nuestro responsable de contactología, Eloi Rodríguez, y el doctor Jose Lamarca.

Podcasts List

    Cataracts: What You Need to Know # 1


    Cataracts are an eye condition that will affect 100% of the population and surgery is its only treatment. But this common procedure continues to cause a great deal of concern to patients because of lack of awareness and due to a large number of false myths that must be debunked.

    Diabetes and eye health #2


    People with diabetes are predisposed to suffer complications in their eye health such as diabetic retinopathy or macular edema. These conditions may not present symptoms initially and cause irreversible damage, but they can be prevented with ophthalmological check-ups.

    Pregnancy and childbirth: how they affect vision #3


    Myopia is not a contraindication for vaginal delivery, nor does the eye prescription increase due to pregnancy. The gynecologist Sofía Fournier helps us debunk some of the urban legends about pregnancy, childbirth and eye health to reassure all mothers-to-be.

    How to get rid of glasses #4


    Almost all wearers of glasses and contact lenses consider reducing their prescription with refractive techniques at some point. In this chapter we explain all the options and help you know when it is worth having surgery, who is a good candidate and why it is so important to choose where to go.

    Babies and children, the challenge of checking up their vision #5


    We chatted with our pediatric optometrist Susana Escalera, who sees about 30 children a day in her office. Her experience and skills are paramount to a successfult eye exam of these small patients, some of whom are still a baby. It seems like a simple task, but it is not.