Barraquer Institute

Encouraging teaching and dissemination of ophthalmic knowledge through training and research.

In partnership with Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre, the Barraquer Institute is the leading institution in teaching, research and dissemination of eyecare. It provides high quality up-to-date training, it pioneers research projects and provides a meeting point for its professional, which has placed it at the pinnacle of ophthalmology for more than 70 years.

What do we provide?

We provide high quality training and contribute to the development of ophthalmology in the following ways:

  1. House officer programme > Since 1982, we have been accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Health. A medical residency at Barraquer gives you access to pathologies that difficult to find, provides you with top quality training at a prestigious centre and the opportunity to obtain the official diploma as a specialist ophthalmologist recognised throughout Europe.
  2. Master's programmes > In Pathology and Surgery of the Anterior Segment of the Eyeball and in Pathology and Surgery of the Posterior Segment of the Eyeball, endorsed by the International University of Catalonia (UIC) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), respectively.
  3. Extra training courses > We provide highly specialised training, preceptorships and bespoke courses both face-to-face and online.
  4. Inside Barraquer conferences > We provide the medical community with a meeting point where knowledge sharing is encouraged and the latest innovations in retina, cataract and cornea specialisms, oculoplastics and glaucoma are presented.


Founded in 1947 by Prof. Ignacio Barraquer and his wife, the Institute has a solid trajectory in terms of ophthalmology training which, in 1993, earned affiliation with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

Its teaching objectives currently conform to basic clinic research in ophthalmology, refresher courses, information and scientific exchange as well as institutional partnerships in research and teaching.

The Barraquer Institute is an independent and self-financed scientific association organised through a governing board. 

The photograph shows Ignacio Barraquer, in the fifties, hosting a group of doctors observing a surgical procedure.

Mision, vision and values


To promote the teaching and dissemination of Ophthalmology.


To maintain our position as a leading institution in all areas of ophthalmology education.


Development, innovation, learning.

Annual report 2019

2023 was a year of much activity and success. The report includes all the teaching activities and research projects that have been carried out by the Barraquer Institute throughout 2023. The outcomes are the result of the work of a professional team.

Download the Barraquer Institute annual report (PDF · 5,7 MB · Spanish)


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