Drug Research Ethics Committee

The Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre Drug Research Ethics Committee (CEIm) was founded in 1993 to comply with Spanish Law 25/1990 of 20 December on Drugs, establishing that all clinical trials with drugs and health products are previously approved by a Drugs Research Ethics Committee, which should be accredited by the appropriate authority, which in the case of Catalonia is the Health and Social Security Department of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.

The Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre is aninstitution with a distinctive research nature, a field in which its clinical trials are most noteworthy. Since the founding of the Centre until present, the number of proposals for clinical trial protocols has been steadily increasing.

Committee members

  • President: Dr. Justin Christopher D'Antin.
  • Vice-President: Dr. Pablo Ferrer Salvans, clinical pharmacologist and bioethics expert.
  • Technical secretary: Ms. Mònica Martí Orpinell, pharmacist. 
  • Clinical pharmacist spokesperson: Ms. Emma Movilla Polanco, pharmacist.
  • Legal spokeesperson: Mr. Antoni Ruiz Carrillo, lawyer
  • Ophthalmology Dept. spokesperson: Dr. Silvana Maria Belotto Fernández. Doctor, ophthalmologist
  • Ophthalmology Dept. spokesperson: Dr. Anton Barraquer Kargacin. Doctor, ophthalmologist
  • Ophthalmology Dept. spokesperson: Dr. Alberto Lozano Pablo. Doctor, ophthalmologist
  • Research Dept. spokesperson: Ms. Raquel Larena. Nurse.
  • Patient Care Unit spokesperson: Mr. Jordi Prats Griera.
  • Patient Representative spokesperson: Mr. Javier Albacete Hernández
  • Primary care pharmacy representative: Dr. Roser Vallès Fernández. Pharmacist.
  • Legal spokeesperson: Claudia Ruiz Macián-Dagnino.


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Monday to Thursday, from 9 am to 1 pm and 15 pm to 6 pm. Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.