We provide access to eye care for the most vulnerable groups and promote caring for the eyes.

The Barraquer Foundation provides access to people who are at risk of social exclusion, attending to them at Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre and abroad on its medical expeditions. In addition, it promotes caring for the eyes through awareness- and consciousness-raising campaigns, it awards training scholarships to ophthalmologists with limited resources and undertakes research projects.

In figures

+60.000 people treated

+13.000 cataract operations

+24.000 pairs of glasses provided

+100 expeditions abroad

+60 Agreements with institutions, entities and companies


In the year 2003, Prof. Joaquín Barraquer and his children, Dr. Elena and Dr. Rafael Barraquer, decided to take a further step in their care vocation so they set up the Barraquer Foundation in order to provide ophthalmic treatments to people in the most deprived areas of the world. The same year, Dr. Joaquín Barraquer sold his Mercedes-Benz 540K,—one of three in the world, which had been gifted to his father, Prof. Ignacio Barraquer, by King Faruk of Egypt—.The funds raised from this sale were allocated as the initial capital of the Barraquer Foundation.

Having undertaken more than 100 expeditions abroad and 13,000 surgical procedures since 2004, the Barraquer Foundation decided to shift the direction of its activity and drive local action in terms of medicine, prevention, training and research. International cooperation remains very much in the picture, but its focus is more on teaching. 

Mission, vision and values


To care for the visual health of the most vulnerable groups in our society.


To be a reference institution for improving the health conditions and ophthalmic care of disadvantaged groups, both locally and internationally.


Solidarity, empathy, excellence, commitment.

Experiences at the Foundation

Not only do I owe my sight to them, I owe them my life. Thanks to Barraquer, I can do so many things that I wouldn't be able to do without my eyesight.