What is 'Tinguem vista'?

Tinguem vista is an initiative of the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre to promote a healthy environment because we are aware of how it affects our own health, in addition to the responsibility we have in protecting it.

We take care of our patients and collaborators, but we want to go beyond the healthcare field to also leave a mark on the planet. Thanks to this campaign, every year we will join forces with leading entities to contribute to different causes through local actions related to the preservation of biodiversity, care for the environment and sustainability.

Protection of biodiversity


Recovery of a specimen of sea turtle rescued by CRAM


The first cause of this initiative has started in 2021 and it is the rescue of an animal belonging to a threatened species. Barraquer has sponsored a Mediterranean turtle, covering the entire process of rescue, recovery and reintroduction to its natural environment. This action has been carried out through a collaboration with the CRAM Foundation, a reference centre for the conservation of marine fauna of the Catalan coast. In September 2022 we were able to witness Bernarda's return to the sea.

Sostenibilidad para impulsar la salud

Una gestión cuidadosa de la biodiversidad resulta clave para un futuro sostenible y vital para la salud de las personas. Por ello, el Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer realiza con esta iniciativa su aportación para ayudar a alcanzar los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) promovidos por las Naciones Unidas.

En 2022, con el apadrinamiento de la tortuga Bernarda, contribuimos al ODS 14 en la conservación y utilización sostenible de los recursos marinos. En la segunda causa de la iniciativa, iniciada en 2023 junto al CREAF, trabajamos para contribuir a los ODS 13, de acción por el clima, y ODS 15, de vida de ecosistemas terrestres.