11th Kpro Study Group Meeting

11th Kpro Study Group Meeting


This is a biannual meeting of keratoprosthesis (artificial cornea) experts and aficionados all over the world, whereby we exchange our experiences, new techniques and results of research for end stage corneal diseases which are otherwise deemed to blindness.


Cuatrecasas Auditorium

Av. Diagonal 191, Barcelona

Registration fee: 100 €


Memorial Lecture for Professor Joaquin Barraquer

Memorial Lecture for Professor Giancarlo Falcinelli

Epidemiological studies and updates on present KPros.

Mesoplants: where are we headed for?

When and Which KPro?

KPros in pediatric cases.

The Boston KPro Type 2: surgical technique, results and complications.

Prevention and management of KPro complications (except glaucoma and retina).

Glaucoma and KPro: how to approach the dilemma.

Retina and KPro: surgical techniques.

Visual loss thru time: why and how?

Struggling with the KPro, a rookie’s point of view.

Video symposium

Participants will be asked to send short videos on surgical pearls or special techniques to be commented on by a panel of experts.

“Ask the Experts”   

Introducing KPro practice around the world.

40 years’ experience with tibia keratoprosthesis.

When to reconstruct the ocular surface and when to do KPro.

MOOKP in the U.S.

Different folks, different strokes: reconstructing techniques for the extruded KPros.         


June 15th, 2018 Morning session 8:00 am – 1:30 pm Afternoon session 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm


The aim of the meeting is to teach beginning or aspiring KPro surgeons on how to make insightful decision making on when and when not to do KPro surgery, to wisely choose which kind of KPro for individual cases and to effectively manage, as well as prevent possible complications. Moreover, expert surgeons will impart their long-term experience.


English (no simultaneous translation available)




June 15th, 2018



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