Opened in 1947 and named in honour of Professor Ignacio Barraquer's wife and mother of Professor Joaquín Barraquer, the Biblioteca del Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer (the Barraquer Centre of Ophthalmology Library) has always been an iconic part of the institution.

With nine thousand six hundred books in the year 2015, the Library periodically receives around one hundred ophthalmology magazines, and keeps its sources constantly up to date for students and its partners alike.


Our centre's library is divided in two rooms:

  • The upper room is used as a reading room, with enough space for 24 readers. It contains the most recent ophthalmology publications as well as all those that, due to popularity, need to be easily accessed. In addition, it also has multimedia ophthalmology material as well as a computer area where you can access the Internet, consult databases and do work.
  • The lower room houses older publications and those that are not frequently consulted, as well as magazines dating from before 2005. Among these you will find some publications from the previous century.


The Barraquer Centre of Ophthalmology Library gives students and coworkers an area that is free from distractions where they can consult a wide range of publications on ophthalmology. All the publications found in the reading room can be accessed by anyone, as long as the regulations for suitable running of the room are complied with, as this is in the interest of everyone.

In addition, it offers a book and publication borrowing service. Partnering ophthalmologists, house doctors, those taking Master's degrees at the Barraquer Institute and Centre staff can use this service for free.

Publication search is catalogued in a computer system, which also provides online access to important databases like Medien, Embase and that of the IME (Indice Médico Español - Spanish Medical Index).

The Library has WiFi throughout which can be accessed from your own laptop and a self-service photocopying facility.


The Library is available to partnering ophthalmologists, and house doctors at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre, those attending courses organised by the Barraquer Institute, its members, visiting ophthalmologists, physician observers and staff who work in the centre.

To access the building you must:

  • Fill in the registration form
  • Bring two photographs
  • Accept the terms and conditions of use


The Library is open from 9am to 8pm from Monday to Friday. In summer it is open from 10am to 3pm, also from Monday to Friday.