The Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer (Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre) and Instituto Universitario Barraquer (Barraquer University Institute) offer a PRE-MIR (pre-house doctor) programme for those candidates who, after the official MIR (house doctor) exam, would like to participate in determined academic activities and, thus, have gain their first experience with the specialisation in Ophthalmology and professional career.

This internship will be positively evaluated, along with the requisites established by the Centre and the current regulation, to gain entry to specialised healthcare training in the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre.

Attending this programme does not guarantee specialised healthcare training (house doctor in Ophthalmology) at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre.

Interested participants who do not live in Barcelona will have flexible timetables suited to their individual situation.


The pre-house doctor programme consists of the following activities:

  • Witnessing sub-speciality surgery at the centre, from the tiered seating in the theatre
  • Attending Clinical Sessions
  • Attending Professor Barraquer's rotating Consultation
  • Access to the clinical research Department
  • Writing up the house doctor's notebook which details all the activities performed during the programme. At the end of the programme said log will be assessed by the appointed collaborator.


The period to complete this pre-house doctor programme will start on the date the house doctor exam is sat during the corresponding session (2015 pending) and will end on the end on the date that the Ministry indicates for the selection of places (2015 pending). It will last for a minimum period of one full week.


If you have applied for a house doctor place and sent all the required documentation, please fill out this form. If you have not already applied for a house doctor place, you must send the following information to mir@barraquer.com:a digitalizadaecientete en vigortodavia nte informacinstituto contactar

  • Download the application here: (https://www.barraquer.com/images/stories/Docencia/ProgramaMIR/PDF/MirCOB2014.pdf)
  • CV
  • Photocopy of your degree certificate, corresponding receipt or approval certificate
  • Academic record
  • Photocopy of ID card or passport
  • Digital photo
  • Cover letter





The requirements to be able to apply for one of the places offered by the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre to do ophthalmology specialised healthcare training are:

  • To have passed the house doctor exam and obtained a mark that gives you the right to do Ophthalmology specialised studies.
  • Send the following information and documentation via email to mir@barraquer.com well advance of the allocation of places:
  • You can find the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre Application here: (https://www.barraquer.com/images/stories/Docencia/ProgramaMIR/PDF/MirCOB2014.pdf)
  • CV
  • Photocopy of your degree certificate, corresponding receipt or approval certificate
  • Academic record
  • Digital photo
  • Photocopy of valid ID card or passport
  • Cover letter
  • Deadline to present the information above: To be confirmed for 2016


The entry exams to apply for one of the house doctor places specialising in Ophthalmology at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre consist of:

  • A written theory exam on general Ophthalmology
  • A personal interview

The candidates that pass this first round will have to do a second interview.

  • The assessment and selection criteria are:
  • The house doctor exam result
  • CV with both academic and personal achievements Internal entry exam marks
  • Outcome of the interviews

Based on these criteria, the Teaching Committee at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre will determine which candidates are granted prior approval to be appointed an offered place.

You can consult information related to the house doctor exam in Spain on the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality website:

Normativa MIR


The Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre makes available for consultation the Itinerary in the specialty of Ophthalmology.

This document presents:

  • The organizational structure of the Centre - facilities, services, units of expertise, human resources, organization of the teaching Unit and certifications.
  • The specific training guide of the Centre - training objectives, general characteristics, levels of responsibility to acquire, training program and teaching methodology.