To fulfil our Mission entitled “Tratemos al paciente como nosotros querríamos ser tratados en su lugar” (“Treating the patient like we would like to be treated”), the Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer (Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre) has always put providing excellent patient care as a priority.

To accomplish this, for some years now we have been using a Quality Management System, which enables us to provide services coherently, and fulfil the needs of our customers and the applicable regulatory requirements. As proof of this set-up, the Centre has the following certifications:

Accreditation Certificate as an Acute Hospital Care Centre of Catalonia (Autonomous Certificate)

The main aim of this accreditation is to establish a level of quality for a competent organisation, managing the developing processes in a more effective and efficient way. This objective results in a drive towards improving the quality of the organisation, involving the engagement and leadership of the Centre's Management and all the staff. Think of quality as a citizen's right, in this case it is the right of the patients who come to the Centre.

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Quality Management System Certificate according to the ISO 9001.2008 standard in the following areas of the Centre and the Fundación Barraquer (Barraquer Foundation).

2011 – Fundación Barraquer

Teaching Unit (Specialised healthcare training – MIR) 2012 – Eye bank 2013 – Laboratory 2015 – Pharmacy

The Quality Management System Certification is an international standard. Thanks to the implementation of this management system, the organisation demonstrates its ability to coherently provide services that fulfil the customer’s requirements and the applicable regulations. Our own quality systems are improved, giving our suppliers and customers further confidence in us. This model is based on the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle for continuous improvement. Along these lines of improvement, Management has established an objective to expand the scope of these certifications to other areas, with the idea of paying better attention to the patient while they are visiting the Centre

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On-going audits:

  • Adaptation of the ISO 9001.2008 standard to the quality of the new ISO 9001.2015 standard in the certified areas..
  • Certification in the Risk Management System for Patient Safety according to UNE (Spanish standards association) standard 179003.
  • Certification in Quality Management Systems according to standard ISO9001.2015 for the Barraquer Institute.