Barraquer Alumni: A Global Network of Professionals in Ophthalmology


At the Barraquer Institute, we have Barraquer Alumni, an initiative developed with the objective of maintaining a continuous connection with our alumni.

This network is designed to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of ophthalmology among professionals in the sector worldwide.

Through this community we seek to support the professional and personal development of each of its members, fostering a collaborative and advantageous environment where they can continue to grow and develop as professionals in ophthalmology.

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Development and Objectives

Since the launch in 2021, at Barraquer Alumni we have implemented strategies to overcome the challenges presented by the global situation, maintaining the commitment to education and professional connection. The community strives to provide a dynamic and enriching space where members can share resources, knowledge and experiences, thus nurturing an environment conducive to professional growth.

Member Services

Membership in Barraquer Alumni offers access to a series of services designed to satisfy the professional and academic needs of its members and thus contribute to their professional enrichment:

  • Virtual Campus: An exclusive space that includes a variety of resources such as clinical cases, clinical and surgical sessions, and access to a journal platform and a digital library.
  • Networking Meetings: Virtual events organized to promote the exchange of ideas, the establishment of professional contacts and collaboration between community members.
  • Live Surgical Observation: An opportunity to see procedures at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Center. It is a unique, previously coordinated experience that provides a vision of the most advanced techniques and practices in ophthalmic surgery.
  • General Assemblies: Participation in the decisions and future directions of the Institute. In this way, the Barraquer Alumni community remains aligned with the needs and expectations of its members.
  • Access to the Josefa Moner Library: You will have the opportunity to explore the catalog of publications and the latest news available in the Josefa Moner Library using the SophiA software.

Economic benefits

In addition to educational and networking services, members enjoy economic benefits in a wide variety of areas such as conferences, surgery simulators, wetlabs, master's degrees and specialized external internships, facilitating access to quality continuous training.

These economic benefits make quality continuing education more accessible to all members of Barraquer Alumni, thus ensuring continuous and solid professional development.

Invitation to Join

Barraquer Institute alumni who have participated in residency or long-term programs are invited to join Barraquer Alumni. Membership offers a unique opportunity to stay up-to-date in the field of ophthalmology, connect with colleagues around the world, and access resources and opportunities that will enrich your professional career.


Barraquer Alumni represents much more than a simple alumni platform. It is a community committed to continuous learning and professional development in the field of ophthalmology.

Through its wide range of services, benefits and opportunities, this global network provides extensive support to its members, promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and encouraging continued professional growth. To all eligible alumni, we invite you to join this community and take full advantage of the resources and opportunities that Barraquer Alumni has to offer.


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