Barraquer once again becomes a certified Clinical Site of Excellence of EVICR


The research department of the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre has been certified, once again, as EVICR (European Vision Institute Clinical Research Network) Clinical Site of Excellence. Barraquer has been a member of this renowned network of European ophthalmic clinical research centres since 2008 and has been accredited for the next 4 years. This recognition means continuing to be part of this group of clinical excellence made up of centres from 15 countries.

This certification guarantees that Barraquer works on clinical and experimental projects with the highest quality standards and following the European and international directives for clinical research. Currently, the Centre’s research department promotes more than 20 clinical trials, with the participation of around 80 patients, focused on pathologies such as AMD, dry eye, glaucoma or diabetic macular oedema.