Acne is a skin condition where the sebaceous glands accumulate more fat than normal, causing locked pores. And this is why we get sebum retention (or seborrhoea) and a build-up of dead cells. Acne manifests itself as spots or blackheads on the face and, in some cases, reddish lesions appear due to the inflammation of small blood vessels, called telangiectasia, frequently in the nose and cheek area. Acne may break out due to hormonal changes or sun exposure and may even be related to digestion problems like the presence of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach or ulcerative colitis.

The eyelids are the part of the skin with the job of protecting the eyes and producing the lipid layer. Acne may manifest itself in the eyes as recurrent sties, seborrhoeic blepharitis, corneal erosions or conjunctivitis. In very minor cases, it may present as dry eye syndrome after a long time staring at a screen, reading, driving or other visual activities.

A thorough examination by an ophthalmologist is recommended, so you can find out if you have any eye conditions caused by acne and thus receive suitable treatment.

Dra. María Fideliz de la Paz