Josefa Moner Library: Academic Resources in Ophthalmology


Immerse yourself in Knowledge: Discover the Josefa Moner Library at Instituto Barraquer

The Josefa Moner Library, located in the facilities of the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre, stands as a treasure of knowledge in the ophthalmological field. Its primary mission is to provide a comprehensive resource for research, study, and essays preparation in this specialized field of medicine.

An inexhaustible reserve of wisdom

With an impressive collection of more than 10,000 books, the library houses a wealth of information ranging from classical foundations to the latest trends in ophthalmology. This vast repertoire is complemented by specialized multimedia material, giving professionals and students access to all kind of resources to enrich their understanding.

Specialized magazines

The library is home to around a hundred subscriptions to ophthalmology specialized magazines, some of which have been received since the 19th century. This impressive archive not only reflects a commitment to constant updating, but it’s also a link to the rich history of the discipline.

A space for exploration and study

To facilitate access to this vast knowledge, the Josefa Moner Library is equipped with several computers, Wi-Fi and a photocopier. In addition, it offers a reading room that can comfortably accommodate more than 20 people, providing a quiet environment conducive to concentration and study.

Preserving yesterday to understand tomorrow

Beyond its modern resources, the library also preserves an archive of ancient publications, offering a unique window into the evolution of ophthalmology over time. This rare but invaluable treasure remains an essential reference for those seeking to understand the history and foundations of the discipline.

The Josefa Moner Library of the Barraquer Institute stands as more than a simple repository of books. It is a space where curiosity, research and learning converge to form the intellectual heart of the institution.