Training Offer: External Doctors in Training


At Instituto Barraquer we offer a training program aimed at external doctors interested in ophthalmology. This program combines theoretical and practical aspects with the objective of providing complete educational training, focusing on preparing doctors for the treatment and care of patients' ocular health.

Description of Training

Instituto Barraquer presents a training program for external doctors, available from October to June. The purpose of this training is to provide an update in theoretical and practical knowledge in different ophthalmological subspecialties, with an emphasis on care and surgical techniques.

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Immersive and educational activities

Participants will have access to:

Clinical Observation: Possibility of observing consultations and the application of advanced techniques.

Clinical and Training Sessions: Participation in sessions that cover everything from treatment updates to the latest research in ophthalmology.

Surgical Observation: Opportunity to attend surgeries as observers from our surgical amphitheaters.

• Diagnostic and Imaging Tests: Access to specialized departments for diagnostic tests.

• Academic Events: Participation in academic events.

• WetLab and Library: Access to WetLab sessions and the Josefa Moner Library for research.

Program characteristics

The in-person program covers various areas such as refractive surgery, cornea, ocular surface, retina or glaucoma, among others. It is aimed at ophthalmologists and ophthalmology residents from the second year of residency, with a duration of one to three months.

Entry profile

The program is open to:

• Ophthalmological doctors seeking to expand their knowledge and skills.

• Ophthalmology resident doctors, from the second year of residency onwards.

• Foreign doctors with a C1 level of Spanish


Discover more information about this on our page for external doctors in training or contact us for advice.