Why is it important to study the Master in Pathology and Surgery of the Anterior Segment of the Eye?

Master in Pathology and Surgery of the Anterior Segment of the Eye


Discover the reasons why it is essential to study the Master in Pathology and Surgery of the Anterior Segment of the Eye at Instituto Barraquer.

Instituto Barraquer, founded in 1947 by Professor Ignacio Barraquer and his wife, is a world-leading training center in ophthalmology. We offer high quality training in this medical specialty and a variety of courses, masters and internships with the direct participation of the medical team from the Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer. Among the wide range of training we offer, we highlight our master’s degrees: Master in Pathology and Surgery of the Anterior Segment of the Eye and Master in Pathology and Surgery of the Posterior Segment of the Eye.

If you are interested in visual health or you are still undecided about which medical specialization to choose, the Master in Pathology and Surgery of the Anterior Segment of the Eye is an opportunity that you should not miss if you want to become a professional.

  • Quality education. Our master is designed to train you and keep you updated on the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the anterior segment of the eye. This update is essential in a constantly evolving medical field such as ophthalmology.
  • Academic validation. The master’s degree is structured according to the model of the European Higher Education Area, which guarantees academic quality and grants ECTS credits. This supports the validity and recognition of the programme at an international level.
  • Flexibility of learning. This type of program is done online, so it will allow you to combine professional and personal responsibilities while training with us. Streaming sessions and access to the virtual platform provide comfort and flexibility in learning.
  • Collaboration with experts. In Instituto Barraquer we have a large qualified medical team and the direct collaboration of the Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer, as well as valuable resources for the learning process. Thanks to studying with us, you will have direct access to prestigious professionals in the sector.
  • Practical approach. We offer comprehensive training that combines theory with practice in ophthalmology. The program includes case-study sessions with experts, practical classes about complex clinical case analysis, theoretical contents, the constant updating of advances in diagnosis and treatment of patients and access to a wide variety of pathologies in all subspecialties. In addition, optionally, those enrolled in the program can hold a week of face-to-face activities, organized at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Center.
  • Research and graduate work. Obtaining a postgraduate degree requires a research project supervised by ophthalmologists and specialists from the Barraquer Research Department. Be aware that your final graduate work can contribute to ophthalmology research.
  • Improvement of clinical skills. By completing this master, you will increase your safety in the therapeutic advice to patients and updated your knowledge in the latest advances in the treatment of eye pathologies.
  • Technological innovation. Ophthalmology has experienced significant technological advances, and our program keeps students up to date on the latest research, technological advances and surgical techniques. In this way, you will become a highly qualified and competitive professional in the field.

Instituto Barraquer, leader in ophthalmology training.

You will study with the best professionals in a scientific environment, handling with the technological and surgical techniques of the latest generation. With a variety of master’s programs focused on different areas of ophthalmology, you can specialize in your area of interest. Barraquer Institute Master degree is highly valued worldwide.

If you want to join this program, keep in mind that it is designed for residents in ophthalmology and doctors with the finished specialty, and requires a high level of Spanish. Training in ophthalmology will prepare you to become a highly trained professional, able to diagnose and treat a wide variety of eye disorders and diseases, thus improving the quality of life of patients. In addition, the demand for ophthalmic services is constantly growing, providing significant job opportunities and professional stability.

Do not miss the opportunity to enroll in our Master in Pathology and Surgery of the Anterior Segment of the Eye, supported by Instituto Barraquer, world leader in ophthalmology. Your future in ophthalmology begins here.