Keratoconus is a disorder of the cornea that can make its first appearance at the age of ten, fifteen, sixteen or eighteen depending on our genetic make-up. Genes are very important in some families however local factors may actually be more important. In other words, we are not born with keratoconus, but our genes play an important part in its development. It frequently comes about because of eye rubbing. Children that rub their eyes excessively and forcefully usually have allergies and a history of asthmatic bronchitis or another type of skin or eye allergy.

During adolescence, added to the fact that the cornea is very soft, the irritation causing the allergy and non-stop rubbing lead to its gradual deterioration.

At a biochemical and genetic level, the origin of keratoconus is very complicated, but we are not born with it. Children who have a slight astigmatism, continue to rub their eyes and have allergies or a history of keratoconus in their family must undergo screenings such as a series of topographies to make sure that they do not develop this condition as the years go by.

Dr. Juan Pedro Álvarez de Toledo