Baby’s vision development and bottle feeding

Baby’s vision development and bottle feeding


I’m bottle feeding my baby. I’ve been told if I don't change sides when doing so he will become cross eyed. Is this true?

This statement is not completely true. In breastfeeding we alternate from one breast to another, so that the baby can always see out of one eye or the other, changing from side to side as required.

If we bottle feed, alternating from side to side is advised, so that the baby doesn't always have the same eye covered, and to avoid problems in their visual development, imitating the action of breastfeeding. In addition, it’s important to do it with the baby in your arms, so that you don't lose skin-to-skin contact, where the baby can hear your heart, listen to an adult voice, see, etc. These actions all provide stimulation for the brain, which is important for healthy development.


Dra. Ainhoa Martínez Grau

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