Barraquer Spain’s number one in Private Ophthalmology for 2018

Barraquer Spain’s number one in Private Ophthalmology for 2018


The Health Reputation Monitor (Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria, MRS) published the fifth edition of its reputation evaluation. The Barraquer Ophthalmology Center this year has dropped one position but continues to occupy the first place in the Health Reputation Monitor in Private Ophthalmology Clinics below the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital and above the La Paz University Hospital, both public and first and third of the ranking respectively.

The MRS is one of the rankings of the Corporate Reputation Monitor, better known as Merco. The Merco is already one of the benchmark monitors in the world. It is a reputational evaluation instrument launched in 2000, based on a multistakeholder methodology composed of five evaluations and twelve information sources.

Currently, Merco produces nine rankings, including the MRS, and has presence in eleven countries: Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and in process in Central America (Costa Rica and Panama).

The MRS is the only independent study that analyzes the reputation of the Spanish health system. For this, they use a methodology that combines the perception of the public with the reality of the sector. The sample includes doctors, managers and directors of hospitals, managers of laboratories, hospital pharmacists, nurses, patient associations and objective indicators.

The human and material resources, the level of technological endowment, the total and average time of stays, the number of beds and the satisfaction or accessibility of the service are some of the criteria that the specialists have used to reach the conclusions.

We are proud that this independent healthcare ranking continues to consider us the best Private Ophthalmology Center in Spain. As always, we will continue working to maintain the confidence of our patients, with all the ophthalmological experience and the latest technology, to be able to treat treat the patients in the same way in which we would like to be treated.

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