Discover the Innovative Barraquer Institute WetLab laboratory


Perfect your surgical skills in the Barraquer WetLab laboratory: a unique training experience in ophthalmology.

Barraquer Institute has an innovative WetLab instructional surgery laboratory, designed to take the teaching of ophthalmological surgical techniques to a new level, simulating the conditions of a real operating room and excluding the patient from the learning process.

Cutting-edge Equipment for Training

Equipped with workstations featuring state-of-the-art surgical microscopes, phacoemulsifiers and all instruments necessary for surgery, this WetLab offers a controlled and safe environment for practicing and honing surgical skills.

Individualized Approach in Practice

The individualized approach is key in this space, where students can practice on anatomical pieces under the supervision of experienced ophthalmologist surgeons from the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre. Learning takes place step by step, allowing participants to thoroughly understand the techniques and improve their skill with the instruments.

Commitment to Excellence and Patient Safety

This advancement in ophthalmology training reflects Barraquer's ongoing commitment to educational excellence and patient safety. By removing the patient from the learning cycle, the WetLab ensures safe and effective practices, preparing professionals to offer the highest quality eye care.

The WetLab represents a significant milestone in the evolution of medical training, consolidating Barraquer Institute position as a leader in promoting educational standards and innovative practices in the ophthalmological field. Barraquer Institute invites you to be part of this revolutionary educational experience, learn first-hand about the available training and prepare to lead excellence in the ophthalmological field.