Sometimes teh edeges of my eyelids sting. They become red and some of my eyelashes even fall out. What might be the cause?

These symptoms may be caused by blepharitis. Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the eyelid edge due to a malfunction in one of the eyelid glands.

It's a dysfunction that may cause changes in the teardrop (the tear film), leading to dry eyes, redness or a gritty sensation, and other symptoms.

A basic treatment consisting of the application of local heat (daily) to the eyelid for few minutes is recommended. This should be followed by an eyelid massage and cleaning of the eyelid edge. Futhermore, Blephex, a new procedure performed in the clinic can be used to combat the problem. It allows the ophthalmologist to treat blepharitis and reduce crusts and bacterial residue -the main causes of inflamed eyelid conditions-, thereby improving the general health of the eyelid.

Depending on the grade or type, we can add topical ointments or even oral treatment to our recommendations.

Dra. Ainhoa Martínez Grau