Eye trauma is frequent in summer, as it mostly occurs with activities and sports outdoors.

An ocular trauma can lead to what consequences?

 Keep in mind that eye trauma can produce loss of vision. Therefore, any trauma or blow to the eye should be considered a medical emergency that requires the urgent attention of a professional.

 What factors can cause eye injury?

The most common factors are the entry of foreign objects in the eye as dust, dirt, sand on the beach and cosmetics. These can cause a corneal abrasion which will cause pain, tearing, excessive blinking... and photophobia. Most cases heal quickly and do not cause any damage to the eye, but it is important to consult a specialist for a diagnosis and, if necessary, he/she will indicate the most appropriate treatment to prevent infection. Also worthy of mention is ocular trauma caused by toys in children, scratching with nails and even accidental splashing of chemicals.

Can household cleaning products lead to eye injury?

Household cleaning products can cause eye burns. In these cases it is essential to seek immediate medical attention, because if not treated in a timely manner can cause loss of vision or even loss of the eye, especially if the product is bleach or any of its derivatives. The ophthalmologist will perform the adequate treatment, which involves flushing the eye with saline salt solution and other urgent measures.

Given a black eye, what the specialist recommends?

 Palpebral bleeding (black eye) is caused by a blow in the eye or by any type of trauma, causing the rupture of blood vessels, and this causes the tissue around the eye to become purple. Most black eyes heal completely and do not cause any damage to the eye. It is useful to put cold compresses the first 24 hours, and the following 24 hours to apply warm compresses, and thus continue until the swelling stops. It is also important to keep your head elevated to reduce swelling.

If the trauma is accompanied by blood should we seek emergency care?

A blow or trauma can cause blood on the eyeball, which is known as hyphema, but can also occur spontaneously in people with other medical problems. The hipema requires immediate medical care and treatment may include eye drops, a patch over the affected eye, bed rest, etc. It is important to see a specialist because it could degenerate into serious problems.

If there are cuts or fractures, what do you recommend?

 Orbital fracture caused by trauma to the face, which damages the bones around our eyes, can cause more or less severe eye injury. Symptoms may include swelling of the eyelid, bruising around the eyes, eye pain, double vision and decreased movement of the affected eye. The ophthalmologist or doctor will determine the treatment to follow after a complete examination. Also in case of cuts or lacerations on the eyelid caused by trauma the doctor will determine if stitches are needed.