By having our own laboratory within our facility rather than depending on external labs, we are able to conduct diagnostic tests and analyze samples internally. This brings several notable benefits for both patients and healthcare providers.

Our in-house laboratory enables physicians and ophthalmologists to obtain expedited test results, thereby accelerating the process of diagnosis and treatment. This becomes particularly critical in urgent scenarios where where time is of the essence, such as when dealing with corneal infections.

Having a laboratory on-site guarantees the precision and reliability of test outcomes by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and highly trained personnel. This capability enables us to actively engage in multi-centre research studies that would be otherwise inaccessible to us without our own laboratory facility.

Another advantage is greater personalization in medical care. By having access to on-site diagnostic tests, physicians can tailor patient treatment and care more effectively and specifically, improving patient experience and satisfaction.

In conclusion, having your own laboratory provides substantial advantages for both patients and medical professionals. From the speed and accuracy of test results to the efficiency of care and personalization of care, our laboratory plays a vital role in patient care.

Dr. Glòria Oliva, specialist in Clinical Biochemistry