For a while I’ve been having lacrimal problems. For any reason, a cold or when I get nervous, it becomes swollen. It reaches such a point that next to the nose the inflamed duct is noticeable and it is annoying and even painful. They always treat me and I go back in a matter of days, but each time these episodes are more frequent. Is there a definitive method to eradicate this problem?

Probably what happens is that you have a blocked tear duct. The tear duct is a conduit through which the tear passes until it reaches the nose. If it becomes obstructed, which is a problem that occurs relatively frequently, the tear has nowhere to drain, and that is why the eye cries. This prevents the eye from cleaning well, which favours the appearance of recurrent conjunctivitis (red eye, secretions ...). On the other hand, the little bump that explains, is the lacrimal sac, which is sometimes infected (dacryocystitis) if it is not well drained. Given the symptoms you are telling us, and confirming the diagnosis with a previous visit, I would certainly advise surgery to be able to end the discomfort and prevent new infections.

Dr. Ainhoa ​​Martínez Grau