Along with our doctors’ personal touch and experience, we continue working with the latest technology to get the best possible diagnosis for our clients.

To optimise the detection of some pathologies, we have installed the new MAIA (Macular Integrity Assessment) perimetry which gives us the possibility to assess the evolution of retina sensitivity and understand the patient’s visual fixation. This device helps us to make a diagnosis and monitor macular pathologies, particularly macular degeneration, but also diabetic retinopathy, amblyopia and many other pathologies that cause macular sensitivity issues. In addition, the team has an eye tracker system which allows accurate, real-time compensation of eye movements and it makes the test more reliable.

If we do not manage to improve the patient’s visual acuity by correcting the refractive defect, this may be because there is reduced retinal sensitivity and/or unstable visual fixation, which worsen the patient's overall vision.

There is a benefit for the patient as this diagnostic test is not bothersome; it involves pressing a button each time some lights appear. Plus, the pupil does not need to be dilated.