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The eyes are one of the most sensitive and at the same time most exposed parts of our body. In our day-to-day routine there are situations in which we should pay special attention to their protection. Activities as common as cooking, gardening, handling objects or doing DIY carry intrinsic dangers that can affect our eyes.

Prevention is the best treatment to avoid eye injuries or pathologies. From the Barraquer Ophthalmology Center we recommend a series of actions to minimize the risk of suffering domestic eye accidents and we also provide the guidelines to follow in case these occur.

Implement prevention measures

It is essential to pay special attention to carry out our activities in clean and organized spaces, free of elements that may increase the chances of having an accident. In addition, the use of glasses, screens or leads that protect us from splashes, heat sources or projectiles also play an important role in significantly reducing the chances of suffering an eye accident.

Special attention to children

Due to their natural curiosity and the lack of total control of their body, children have a greater chance of suffering an accident. For this reason, it is essential to guarantee that the spaces in which they carry out their activities are safe. It is also advisable to provide them with protective elements that mitigate the effects of a possible accident and make sure that they follow the instructions for use when they handle delicate objects or substances.


The use of sunscreen to protect our skin at times of the year when solar radiation is more intense should be common. But we often forget the importance of applying this product in the area closest to the eyes, such as the eyelids or temples. Specialists recommend the use of specific creams for this area of the face since a good protection helps us to prevent certain ocular pathologies, such as, for example, eyelid cancer or blepharitis.

Artificial tears

Artificial tears are the best ally for the eye health of people who, due to their work or lifestyle, spend many hours in front of electronic devices. When we put them on we keep our eyes well hydrated and avoid the appearance of dry eye or other pathologies related to dry eyes.


How to deal with an eye injury?

We have talked about actions to avoid an accident that affects our eyes, but how should we act if it happens? The measures to be taken must be different depending on the type of injury caused.


The splashing of hot oil while cooking or contact with chemical vapors when handling cleaning products can cause burns, both on the outer part and on the inner tissues of the eyeball. In this type of accident, the first thing to do is a profuse eye wash with water or serum to try to remove the substance and reduce the chances that it will cause a larger injury. Subsequently, it is necessary to go to a specialist to rule out eye injuries.

Foreign bodies and scratches

In gardening or DIY activities, the most common eye accidents are in the form of scratches or foreign bodies inside the eyelid. In the event that an element has entered our eye and we cannot extract it in a simple way, it is recommended to go to a specialist as soon as possible so that it can be extracted without damaging any ocular structure. In the same way, if we have suffered a scratch on the surface of the eye, it is very important to go to a specialist to see what injury it has caused and what is the best treatment for it.

Trauma and perforations

Sometimes the handling of objects, a fortuitous fall or sports practice cause blows that can lead to serious injuries to our eyes. Some trauma results in cuts or punctures. In these situations it is recommended to press the wound to stop the bleeding until it is possible to go to the emergency room and be treated by a specialist, who will assess the damage.