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There are currently multiple options for rejuvenating the appearance of your eyes. Improve sagging eyebrows, droopy eyelids, eliminate bags under the eyes or even a combination of the above. A single surgical procedure can enhance our appearance and facial expression without losing our personal identity. 

Sagging eyebrows

Sagging eyebrows (eyebrow ptosis) are usually most apparent in the far side of the brow and causes a patient to look tired and sad. Surgery lifts the eyebrows once again in a natural looking way. There are two possible surgical approaches: via the eyelid to give a subtle lift and then subsequent shaping of the eyebrow; or in cases of a very marked drop of the eyebrow, it can be done via the forehead to improve the shape and position in a much more pronounced way. In both cases, the scar is barely noticeable given that it is concealed by the skin’s natural folds.

Droopy upper eyelids

Patients with droopy upper eyelids and who have excess skin or fat bags under the eye making them look puffy, have smaller-looking, tired eyes. Blepharoplasty surgery is the best option for the removal of all the excess skin as we can take advantage of the natural fold in the eyelid. In the same procedure, in addition to removing skin and fat, oculoplastics specialists can modify the complex and specific musculature of the upper eyelid to strengthen the levator muscle (in charge of lifting the eyelids) if necessary.

Lower eyelid fat bags

Lastly, patients who have excess lower eyelid fat bags can have them removed with surgery where a small incision in the internal layer of the eyelid and through the conjunctiva is made without any skin wound. There are three fat pockets in the lower eyelid and the excess can be removed by making a simple internal opening and creating a deep scar to tighter the lower eyelid again. Only in very specific cases of excess lower eyelid skin upon removing the bags—in the same procedure and through the lateral wrinkles—is it possible to tighten all the skin on the lower eyelid.