The Contact Lens Specialist: periodically check your lenses


Did you know that it's necessary to periodically review your contact lenses?

There is a specialized technician who is in charge of carrying out this task: "The Contact Lens Specialist".

It is important that your contact lens specialist periodically reviews the strain on the eye and the correct operation of your contact lenses. These are objects  specially designed to rest on the eye, but the surface over which it lies is very delicate.

Not all contact lenses are the same, and neither are their users. The relationship between the users and the contact lenses can change said process, in which case a specialist will have to guide us from our first steps as users.

There are situations and anomalies which won't be noticeable by the user in the initial state, and can be very quickly reversed, modifying different aspects of the adaptation or of the products associated to the use and maintenance.

In the case that alterations appear, the contactologist will forward the patient to the ophthalmologist, who will medically treat the patient, if necessary, and redirect the process as soon as the eye's health allows it.