An intraocular lens or IOL is an artificial acrylic or silicone lens that is surgically implanted into the eye with the aim of correcting or improving focus because of a crystalline dysfunction.

IOLs can be pseudophakic or phakic.

  • Pseudophakic IOLs: They are placed inside the capsular bag and used as a substitute for the crystalline lens generally because it is opaque (cataract) and in cases where it is transparent to correct refractive defects (myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism).
  • Phakic IOLs: They are implanted to complement the crystalline lens without extracting it, as a treatment for refractive defects like myopia, hypermetropia or presbyopia.

An IOL can be implanted into the anterior chamber, posterior chamber, sulcus or inside the capsular bag.

Types of IOL

Monofocal lenses: They are used to focus at one distance (close-up or far away).
Multifocal: They reduce or eliminate the need for glasses by focussing on two or more points. They can be:
  • Refractive.
  • Apodised diffractive.
  • Accommodative. They have a focal point, but they work as if they were a multifocal IOL as they are designed with an articulation similar to the mechanics of the crystalline lens and with the action of the eye muscles. 
Toric IOL. To correct astigmatism.
Teledioptric IOL. For poor vision or severe visual deficit.

We do a personalised study on each patient to find out which type of IOL is ideal. After assessing each case individually and taking into account the characteristics of the eye and expectations of each individual, their hobbies, their profession, etc., together the surgeon and patient decide which IOL is the best option.

Dr. Milan Pešić, opthalmologist of the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre 

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