We continue promoting the Tinguem Vista project with the ICM


At Barraquer, we remain committed to the preservation of biodiversity, environmental care, and sustainability. For the third consecutive year, we are promoting a healthy environment through our Tinguem Vista project. This year, we have entered into a collaboration agreement with the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM) specifically, with its EMBIMOS research group.

EMBIMOS (EnvironMental and sustainaBility participatory InforMatiOn Systems) focuses on understanding, creating and implementing participatory information systems for decision making for environmental sustainability. It has a research group with extensive experience in citizen science and they develop applied research through different citizen science projects and observatories.

Tinguem Vista for the conservation of the seas and beaches

EMBIMOS has long been engaged in its MINKA project, a participatory citizen observatory focused on biodiversity observations aligned with UNESCO's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Additionally, it actively participates in BioMARató, another citizen science initiative aimed at documenting maximum biodiversity, including birds, plants along promenades, and underwater species.

The agreement with EMBIMOS enables Barraquer's active involvement in these projects, contributing to their successful development. We will undertake various actions to promote biodiversity conservation, particularly marine biodiversity, and safeguard seas and beaches.

Our collaboration will also provide support for maintaining the MINKA project and its collaborating entities. Furthermore, we will bolster the BioMARató project, enhancing its already positive outcomes due to citizen engagement.

These actions contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals for life below water (SDG 14) and life on land (SDG 15). For more information, visit the United Nations SDG website.