We have exceeded 1,700 optometric treatments


In May 2019, General Optica and the Barraquer Foundation signed a collaboration agreement to offer prescription glasses to people with limited resources. Often, a person's vision problems are not due to ocular pathology but rather to refractive error. In these cases, the solution is optometric treatment, the cost of which is not covered by the public health system and can be difficult for some families experiencing financial difficulties.

More than 40 social entities that serve various vulnerable groups (such as children at risk of social exclusion, homeless people, people with functional diversity, migrants...) have already joined the “Mirem per tu” program. They have been able to offer their users the possibility of obtaining prescription glasses free or at a very reduced price.

This May marks five years after the start of the collaboration with General Optica, during which we have already exceeded 1,700 optometric treatments. As part of the “Mirem per tu” program, a total of 70 public and private social entities have referred users with vision problems to us. These individuals have received treatment at more than 50 different General Optica stores across the country.