What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA), also called hyaluronate and hyaluronan, is one of the most requested anti-aging active ingredients in the world of beauty, it is present in many cosmetic products and as an injected treatment. This star element is a molecule that is found naturally in our skin, joints, muscles and many other parts of the body. Its function is to help retain water in the tissues –up to a thousand times their weight–, maintaining their condition, elasticity and firmness..

HA is regenerated in our body about a third each day and is ultimately responsible for keeping the skin hydrated, replacing lost volume and counteracting the effects of time. But with age the body reduces its production, giving way to the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and other visible signs of aging.


For this reason, HA is used in aesthetic medicine to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, achieving a long list of benefits:

  • Provides extra hydration to the skin.
  • Smoothes and fills the skin, reducing its imperfections and the treatment is not visually apparent.
  • Provides volume, shapes and structures the facial contour.
  • Fulfills an antioxidant function.
  • Provides natural results.
  • Preserves facial dynamism.
  • It is a temporary and reversible treatment.

What is hyaluronic acid used for?

For its proven rejuvenating properties, HA is used in many medical specialties. In aesthetic medicine it is mainly used as a dermal filler in most mobile areas for a wide range of treatments:

  • Smooth wrinkles (forehead wrinkles, wrinkles between the brows of worry lines, crow's feet, lower eyelid wrinkles, perioral wrinkles...)
  • Lessen dark circles under the eyes or idiopathic hyperchromia of the orbital ring.
  • Hide bags under the eyes, so much so that the treatment is popularly known as blepharoplasty without surgery.
  • Filling of the temporal fossa.
  • Cheekbone filler.
  • Model cheeks.
  • Moisturise, fill and add volume to the lips.
  • Filling of the nasolabial fold or nasogenian groove.
  • Rhinoplasty without surgery, shaping the deformities and irregularities of the nose profile to stylize it and harmonize it with the rest of the face.
  • Barcode filling.
  • Marking of the mandibular arch.
  • Chin correction without surgery.
  • Reduce neck lines.
  • Minimize facial weakness while also improving its elasticity and moisture level.

How is the treatment performed?

HA dermal fillers have become one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments.

The treatment does not require any prior preparation on the part of the patient, who can lead a normal life. Once in the consultation, after exploring and listening to your wishes, the doctor will recommend the best technique for each case.
2. treatment
The process lasts approximately 30 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis. After applying anaesthesia, which is not always necessary, the doctor will inject the gel under the surface of the skin with a very fine needle or cannula to offer the patient maximum comfort during the process. Next, the doctor will perform a gentle massage to achieve an optimum distribution and integration of the product into the chosen area of ​​the face. Finally, he/she will apply a regenerating cream and sun protection. HA treatment is compatible and can be combined with others such as botulinum toxin, facial mesotherapy, microneedling, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or revitalizing skin peels.

In the first 24-48 hours, the appearance of a slight inflammation in the treated area is common, which will subside little by little. You will quickly see the results of the treatment, which gently fills in wrinkles, provides intense hydration and lastingly improves skin elasticity and firmness. With this, the features and sunken areas of the face will recover their tone, at the same time that the skin will be rejuvenated and its texture will be improved in a lasting way. Over the next few days, it is advisable to take some precautions and prevent the patient from doing high-intensity sports or performing facial massages. Otherwise, the patient will be able to carry out their usual activities with complete normality.

DuraTION: 30 minutes
ResultS: 48 hours
Efects: 12 months
AnAesthesia: not always

How long do the effects of treatment last?

Once the usual inflammation of the first hours after treatment is overcome, HA fillers usually have immediate and natural results, although they improve between two and four weeks later. Treatment effects can last up to a year. The fact that the treatment is not permanent allows adjustment of the maintenance sessions, making modifications according to the results obtained in each area and the wishes of the patient, personalizing the treatment to the maximum. It is common for the patient to have a greater perception of the benefits as the weeks go by and, above all, after successive sessions.

The average duration of treatment also depends on type of skin, severity of the imperfection to be treated, technique and type of product used by the doctor, as well as the cosmetic routine and lifestyle of the patient, whose collaboration is essential for treatment effects to last as long as possible.

When is this treatment indicated?

In aesthetic medicine it is mainly used as a dermal filler in most mobile areas for a wide range of treatments.

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