Prof. Rafael I. Barraquer

Prof. Rafael I. Barraquer

Association number:13.964 OPHTHALMOLOGY

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB, 1979), specialist in Ophthalmology (1982), earned a doctorate in 1987 with the qualification of "Cum Laude". Currently he is Deputy Medical Director of the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre (COB), and in his clinical-surgical activity, specializes in the anterior segment of the eye: cataract surgery, glaucoma, corneal transplant and refractive surgery. He is also founder and director of the Ocular Oncology Unit. He maintains asignificant teaching roleas Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and in the Teaching Commission for the trainingof the COB MIR residents, of which he is President. He stands out for hiscapacity as a researcher and he is the chairholder of the "UAB Research Chair in Ophthalmology Joaquín Barraquer" since its foundation.

Professional activity

  • Deputy Medical Director and Ophthalmologist at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre.


Spanish, Catalan, English.

Publicaciones destacadas | Congresos

  • “Los melanomas uveales. Histología y clínica.” (1982) Alfredo Muiños, Rafael I. Barraquer, Sergio Bonafonte.
  • “Microcirugía de los glaucomas.” (1997) Joaquín Barraquer, Rafael I. Barraquer, Mª Isabel Canut, Ignacio García Barberán, Emilio Iglesias Touriño, Marinka Kargachin-Barraquer, Muhsen Samaan.
  • “Imágenes diagnósticas en oftalmología.” (1998) Rafael I. Barraquer, Andrés J. Dukes, Arnaldo Espaillat, Gorka Martínez Grau.
  • "Distrofias y Degeneraciones Corneales. Atlas y Texto" (2004) Rafael I. Barraquer, Marcia C. Toledo, Eneth Torres.


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