A work uniform is one of the clearest ways to communicate a brand's corporate identity. The garments used by a company’s workforce during its working day are a good measure of an organisation’s corporate values.  A uniform also helps users to correctly identify the different teams in a workforce and the roles carried out by each of its members.

With all these details taken into account, in order to improve the patient's experience during their stay in the Centre, we’ve given a makeover to the uniforms of all our healthcare staff. 

During their stay, our patients interact with various members of the Centre’s staff and, on occasions, identifying the role undertaken the people in charge of their care can be confusing. The introduction of the new uniforms makes identifying them easier and improves the relationship between our healthcare staff, the patients and their families. This makeover will allow patients to quickly discern who is treating them and the tasks they do, thereby increasing their feeling of safety. 

New colour code

Until present, our uniforms were white, which made it difficult to identify staff. Our uniform modernisation process has incorporated a new colour code to help distinguish the members of the workforce. 

So, the medical secretary team has started to wear royal blue uniforms, a colour related to peace, protection and trust. The nursing staff, floor staff and laboratory and primary healthcare staff now wear lilac, a colour associated with warmth, empathy and kindness. The theatre staff’s uniforms remain blue and the diagnostic imaging and visual function department staff will continue wearing white as will the Centre's doctors. The colour white transmits peace and a feeling of calm. 

In addition, the new uniforms are personalised with the clinic’s logo to consolidate the organisation's brand image. For its part, the administrative staff are identified by means of an accreditation.