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The Spanish Association of Aniridia organizes today (May 27) at 7:00 p.m. the talk "Ocular surface and congenital cataracts in aniridia" that will have the participation of Professor Rafael I. Barraquer, Dr. Juan P. Álvarez de Toledo and Dr. María Fideliz de la Paz.

The event will begin with a presentation by Professor Rafael I. Barraquer, who will also give way to the presentation by Dr. Álvarez de Toledo, in charge of talking about congenital cataracts in people with aniridia. Cataracts are often congenital in children with aniridia. Finally, Dr. de la Paz will give a presentation on the main pathologies that patients with aniridia usually develop related to the ocular surface, such as dry eye.

Aniridia is a pathology that is defined as the partial or total absence of the iris. It can occur due to trauma, complications from surgery, or a genetic defect. Its most common symptoms are low vision, glare and photophobia.

Link to the talk