Cataract 19 years after LASIK surgery


I had LASIK surgery 19 years ago and now I have cataracts. My surgeon recommends only monofocal lenses and I would like multifocal, what do you advise?

In a first visit, the ophthalmologist evaluates your current graduation and ocular health status. Before the intervention of cataracts, a series of complementary tests are always carried out in order to know which is the most suitable intraocular lens (IOL) for each patient.

To perform the calculation of the IOL that the surgeon must implant, it is necessary to know different ocular parameters (mainly the corneal curvature and the length of the eyeball). Knowing exactly the ocular characteristics of each patient, will allow us to select the most suitable formula to perform the calculation of the IOL with the greatest precision.

Intraocular lenses are in constant technological evolution, both in their design and materials. Currently there are several types of IOLs: monofocal IOLs that correct far vision but with which the patient continues to need lenses to see close after the intervention, bifocal IOLs that can reduce the dependence on glasses for far and near. More recently trifocal IOLs have appeared, offering vision at several distances: near, middle and far. The indication of one type or another of IOL should be agreed with the ophthalmologist depending on the expectations of each patient and their anatomical-functional condition.

When a LASIK operation has been performed, the curvature of the cornea is permanently modified and the calculations to implant a multifocal IOL, which are more complex, must be more accurate. Please see your ophthalmologist to discuss these options more fully.