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The festival of San Juan is synonymous with tradition, party and fireworks. Many people celebrate this day by throwing firecrackers, especially the youngest. Around 75% of eye accidents caused by firecrackers affect children under 15 years of age. From the Barraquer Ophthalmology Center we want to emphasize the importance of implementing protective measures necessary to prevent hazardous situations and eye damage caused by handling fireworks.

Protective elements

It is advisable to use glasses to protect the eyes from the impact of firecrackers that may be projected after their explosion, smoke and powder in suspension, and also from nearby heat sources, such as the typical bonfires that are lit at night.

It is also advisable to wear caps or hats that help protect our faces, as well as avoid wearing clothes made with easily flammable fabrics.

Avoid dangerous situations

The correct handling of pyrotechnic material is key to avoid dangerous situations and, consequently, eye injuries.

We should never try to relight a firecracker that did not explode the first time we tried. Nor should we make them explode inside objects or in closed spaces.

In no case should we hold the firecrackers with our hands during their explosion or bring them close to the face. In this sense, it is advisable to avoid the use of short-stem firecrackers.

Children always accompanied by adults

As specified above, children are the age group most prone to eye injury from firecrackers. Therefore, it is important that the little ones are always accompanied by adults when they want to handle pyrotechnic material.

How to act in case of injury

If after the explosion of a firecracker something enters our eye we should never rub it. First, we must wash it abundantly with water or serum to try to eliminate the foreign body. In case of having suffered a cut or a perforation, we must try to stop the bleeding by pressing the affected part with a clean cloth.

In any case, as soon as possible we must go to a specialist so that he can do a thorough examination and rule out more serious injuries.