On October 31 many of us celebrate Halloween, also known as "castañada". The use of the famous horror costumes for this festivity is increasingly common, and with it, the use of cosmetic contact lenses.

Although these non-corrective lenses are designed to change the appearance of the eyes, their use requires a custom fit controlled by a professional. Improper use of this type of lenses can cause various eye problems such as corneal abrasions, allergic reactions, conjunctivitis, etc.

Problems with contact lenses may arise from poor handling, so users of cosmetic contact lenses should consider the following:

  • Not all people are suitable to wear contact lenses.
  • You must go to an optometrist to perform a custom adaptation of the contact lenses.
  • The lenses are not a toy. Not be purchased at unauthorized points of sale, since in those cases they are not subject to any control or security measure.
  • It is advisable to wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling the lenses.
  • Never re-use the solution to clean and store contact lenses.
  • You should not use lenses for longer hours than recommended or beyond the date on which it has to discard.
  • It is advisable to have regular visual checks if you decide to use contact lenses regularly.

At this time, such as Carnival or Halloween, many people try tocreate the perfect look and can make the mistake of getting contact lenses in non-authorized shops, not knowing that they can jeopardize their visual health. Contact lenses are not just a fashion accessory, but a medical device, and only the previous assessment from a professional optometrist will determine if patients can use them without problems and give them the correct instructions for use, hygiene and conservation of the lenses.