We continue to take care of you


The patient is our priority, and that is why we continue working to ensure a safe environment. Given the exceptional measures recently adopted to contain the epidemic outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to remind all our patients that the Barraquer Ophthalmology Center remains open and fully operational:

  • We keep scheduled visits and surgeries.
  • Our 24-hour emergency service remains open permanently, every day and night of the year.
  • We provide a document certifying the time of visit to our patients and their companions to guarantee their attendance at scheduled appointments.
  • Safety measures: our protection system against coronavirus is recognized by the Covid Protected seal, obtained after an exhaustive audit.

See all the health measures adopted, the changes made to our facilities and staff, as well as the recommendations when attending your next visit at

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal by phone, email or online chat on this website: +34 932 09 53 11 / /