What options are there for keratoconus patients who want to do without glasses?


I wanted to have surgery so I could stop wearing glasses, but I was told that I have a cornea deformation (keratoconus), that I can't be operated on and I might need a cornea transplant.

A cornea transplant was the only solution for keratoconus until a few decades ago, however, there is currently a range of options to slow down and even correct keratoconus (cornea malformation) without going as far as a cornea transplant, especially in incipient or mild cases with a slight astigmatism. Nowadays, a cornea transplant is reserved to very limited cases only, where there is a very evident and marked deformation of the cornea. It is important to underline the fact that laser eye surgery is contraindicated in cases of keratoconus.

Dr. Borja Salvador, ophthalmologist at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Center


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