Human beings are designed to grow old. In addition to the genetic factor contribution, it is a biological process on which is also influenced by the environment and unhealthy lifestyles. The mirror is the yardstick that measures this irrefutable process. Although many people seek eternal youth, it’s ideal to grow old gracefully; albeit with some nuances and resorting to the benefits of professional medicine to soften the lines of passing time.

Over recent years, the amount of interest in aesthetic treatments and surgery has grown among both men and women, because we’re increasingly more concerned about feeling young and giving off a healthy and natural image. Coupled with that, the number of people who do not present any previous pathology seeking to improve their image, especially at an ocular-facial level, is also increasing.

One of the first areas where we notice the effects of the passing of time is around the eyes, where we see the finest and most delicate skin on the face. As the years go on, the clarity and brightness that characterise youthfulness gradually disappear due to the excess growth of skin on the upper eyelids or the appearance of fat pads on the lower eyelids —as well as wrinkles like crow’s feet—which dampen and dull the expression in our eyes. When it comes to ageing, collagen and elastin decompose more quickly than the body is able to regenerate them, making the skin lose elasticity and causing the appearance of wrinkles and bags.

¿Por qué envejecemos? Thermage

Oculoplasty is the branch of ophthalmology that specialises in surgical treatments and techniques aiming to solve and reduce this situation. Based on the outcome of your specific examination, the relevant department will perform a thorough treatment on the structures believed to be damaged, repairing them and restoring the face with its harmonious and functional rejuvenation. Our objective is to restore the original anatomy of the young person, giving them back their fresh and relaxed look.

We must not fall into the trap of simplifying oculofacial treatments by reducing them to the mere removal or stretching of the surplus eyelid skin, as the passing of time affects other structures that must also be repaired in order to obtain the symmetrical and natural result that we hope to reach. We currently achieve excellent cosmetic results by using a combination of different techniques: cosmetic eyelid surgery, with blepharoplasty as standard; the application of botox to improve the expression and periocular wrinkles; and the Thermage CPT System, latest generation non-invasive and painless non-surgical technology to prevent and combat skin-ageing, obtaining results in just one session.

In the Barraquer Oculoplasty Unit, after studying each case, we provide the best possible alternative based on the necessities required. Nowadays, counteracting the effects of passing of time is possible when placed in the hands of experts.