Over the past few months, the Barraquer Foundation has actively contributed to the development of the manual titled “When Chemo Affects the Eyes,” a project initiated by the Josep Carreras Foundation. Dr. Victor Charoenrook,ophthalmologist in the Cornea and Ocular Surface area of the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre, has been in charge of reviewing the content of the publication and contributing his medical knowledge.

The focus of the manual is on the manifestation of ophthalmological sequelae in patients undergoing treatment for blood cancer, with special attention to transplant patients. The document provides comprehensive information about the disease and explores the potential consequences of chemotherapy treatment, including the occurrence of dry eyes.

This dry eye condition can become chronic. The publication explains in detail what happens to patients with dry eyes and what symptoms it can cause. In this sense, the manual also offers information on available treatments and some preventive measures.

This comprehensive manual also addresses the possibility that some patients undergoing a bone marrow transplant may develop cataracts or experience photophobia. These sections provide detailed information on the consequences and recommended treatments in such cases.

The manual can be consulted at this link.

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